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Over the last ten Years we have been offering retreats for young people. Out of these retreats a commuity has been starting to built up. Young people interested in meditation and “how to lead their life“ joyfully meet throughout the year in different locations. In December most of them are coming back to the Winter Youth Retreat in Schloss Heinsheim. For everyone who is interested in this program, the below topics or the people being there, please feel welcome to join us. The talks from Karl-Ludwig Leiter and Richard Reoch will take about 30 minutes. After that there is a chance to raise questions and for discussion.

14th of September 20:30 CET with Richard Reoch: How activism and meditation can go hand in hand
Access Link: https://systeamotion.adobeconnect.com/wyr-webinar-no7/

19th of October 20:30 CET with Karl-Ludwig Leiter: How does meditation change the view and action within our world
Access Link: https://systeamotion.adobeconnect.com/wyr-webinar-no8/

09th of November 20:30 CET with Richard Reoch: How to take the qualities of patience, awareness, kindness and compassion from your cushion to your normal daily life
Access Link: https://systeamotion.adobeconnect.com/wyr-webinar-no9/

07th of December 20:30 CET with Karl-Ludwig Leiter: How to transform the narrow view of an egocentric world into the panoramic perspective of wisdom and compassion
AAccess Link: https://systeamotion.adobeconnect.com/wyr-webinar-no10/

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