Meditation Instructor Training

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21.-28. April 2019 as part of an intensive meditation program in Germany (dba)

For the second time, we offer our Meditation Instructor Training especially for young people

… for young adults till +/- 35 years.

If someone has thoroughly learnt the technique of meditation, and through regular practice, increasingly anticipates and understands the depth and the potential of this simple practice, then there naturally comes a further step: the inspiration and longing to share what one has learnt and our experience with others.

Whether it is, initially, friends and close acquaintances with whom one wants to share the very personal experience of meditation, or whether our inspiration to share goes beyond the smaller circle of friends, acquaintances, and relatives …. in both cases it is of utmost importance WHAT we pass on, and HOW.

In the SITA-MEDITATION training course, we have found and developed a simple, authentic yet very profound way of sharing the WHAT and HOW of meditation practice.

WHAT we teach in all of our seminars is the same practice of sitting meditation (Shamatha Vipashyana), as discovered more than 2,500 years ago by the Buddha, and since then taught and passed on in the most varied ways. The origin alone however makes the whole thing not a Buddhist practice – there have been and are different versions of this timelessly simple exercise. More important than WHAT we practise is the way, HOW we practise.

The HOW is the attitude with which we practise meditation. The question of HOW we meditate determines whether the exercise leads to genuine clarity. The attitude, HOW we practise meditation, determines WHAT this exercise causes and changes in our mind and heart of hearts. Only with a proper attitude regarding the HOW, we understand the WHAT correctly.

This right understanding can and must to be learnt thoroughly – before we are in a position to pass on anything to others. Therefore, participants in a meditation instructor training need sufficient and regular experience in meditation and can only participate in this course based on a personal application. The seminar will take place during a week intensive meditation program.

  • Price: 490 Euro (incl. accomodation in a 2-3 bed room, including accomodation in 2-to-3 bedrooms with shared bathrooms, full pension, costs of the seminar and optional collection at station Mettlach). If available, single rooms (own bathroom) can be booked for = 590 Euro.
  • Teacher:  Karl-Ludwig Leiter.
  • Where: The program will take place in  Seminarhaus Liebfrauenberg (Taunus, Germany).

Applications (incl. since when you meditate, what practice, how often do you practice, amount of meditation programs and intention for becoming an instructor) and questions please sent to Susanne Becker: