NEW: Summer Youth Retreat

Klicke hier für deutsche Programmbeschreibung ———————————————————– Meditation Instructor Training

August 4 to 11, 2019 in Saarland

…….for young adults till +/- 30 years

Because the place needs to be renovated this year, we will offer our next Summer Youth Retreat in 2019. Parallel we will offer a personal development workshop for those having interest in finding the right work in life. If you like to register, please send us an Email or follow us via Facebook. Just like the Winter Youth Retreats, this program will give young adults an opportunity to learn and practice meditiation….

We live in a world of endless possibilities, especially for young people. That’s a wonderful opportunity on the one hand – but on the other hand it also creates a tremendous amount of pressure and stress.  HIGHER – FASTER – BETTER seems to be the motto of our time, be it for students, young professionals, or those of us who face choices concerning their further way.  In our hectic and stressful everyday lives, there’s a lack of one thing in particular: Time and space to just be.

The SITA youth programs offer exactly that. This program will give – as the winter youth retreats – young adults an opportunity to learn and practice mindfulness meditation in a beautiful, supportive environment.

The SITA Summer Youth Retreat provides a relaxed environment for combining the practice of meditation with outdoor activities; experiencing mindfulness and presence in the meditation room as well as outdoors. In summer nature beckons us to explore, go outside, enjoy life – without any agenda, to-do lists or time pressure.

In addition to daily meditation and mindfulness practice there will be workshops and talks, yoga classes, sports offerings and plenty of space for spontaneity and leisure. Furthermore – and in our experience that’s the real treasure of the youth programs – we will have the opportunity to get to know likeminded peers from different nations, cook, celebrate and make music together.

To get a feeling for the SITA youth programs, check out the Video or read this report of a participant (William D.).

We very much look forward to meeting you! You can sign up below.

  • Price: 390 Euros (including accomodation in 2-to-3 bedrooms with shared bathrooms, full pension, costs of the seminar and optional collection at station Mettlach). If available, single rooms (own bathroom) can be booked for 490 Euros. Dorm if available (you need to bring your own sleeping pad, slepping bag and cushion) for 250 Euros.
  • Seminar facilitator is Karl-Ludwig Leiter.
  • Where? Retreat will be at Seminarhaus Neumühle, Saarland in Germany.
  • Lectures will be given in English.  The audience comes from different European countries.

Do you have further questions? Send an email to Malwina and Susanne: Please share our event on Facebook!


Sign up for the Summer Youth Retreat

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    02.05.1990 means 2nd of May, 1990
  • E.g. will you come by car, can you take someone with you, do you need a pick-up
    from the train station, do you wish to share room with a specific person? etc.
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