Winter Youth Retreat

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December 28, 2018 – January 3, 2019

For the twelvth time young people from all over the world will meet in Bad Rappenau

…for young adults till +/- 30 years.

HIGHER – FASTER – BETTER seems to be the mantra of modern times. It is not only part of most people’s working world but often already present when you study or in other daily life situations.

Taking care of yourself and others and being compassionate – that is a great challenge in everyday life.
No matter whether you are a student, already working or facing choices concerning your future way, almost nobody comes to rest regularly due to the fast-moving of their daily life. Mindfulness meditation means quiet resting, here and now, and becoming aware of emerging thoughts, feelings and emotions without interpreting them or holding on to them. A wide range of studies prove the positive effect of meditation. Furthermore regular practise of meditation can be the key to develop EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, one of the most important competences for your job, career and private life.

WINTER YOUTH RETREAT is a precious opportunity for young people to learn and practise traditional meditation.
There are daily talks, sharings and workshops about everyday life and how to combine that with mindfulness and meditation. The seminar provides the possibility to get to know peers from different nations, to cook, party and make music together. Watch our  video or read the report of a participant (William D.).

  • Price: 390 Euros (including accomodation in 2 to 3-bed-rooms, full pension, New Year’s Celebration, costs of the seminar and optional collection at station Bad Rappenau).  If available, one-bed-rooms can be booked for 100 € more. Dormitory space if available (mattress) for 250 €.
  • Seminar facilitators is Karl-Ludwig Leiter and Susanne Becker
  • Where? Retreat will be at Schloss Heinsheim in Neckartal.
  • Lectures will be given in English. The audience comes from different European countries.

Do you have further questions? Send an email to Jordy and Hanna:

Note: Knowing that young people often have limited resources we make a strong effort to keep the program price to the minimum.  As nobody in the organization makes a profit on this festival, the price is purely based on what we spend on food, accommodation and equipment.  To keep the price low we will also ask participants to help out for a short time during the day with small tasks.


Sign up for the Winter Youth Retreat

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    02.05.1990 means 2nd of May, 1990
  • E.g. will you come by car, can you take someone with you, do you need a pick-up
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